Our Premier Patrol Unit:

    We have seen a lot of agencies advertise Patrol services in the
    Central Florida area. It is a fact that clients agree that although
    the fundamental Idea is sound, this service provided by their
    current vendor is less than favorable. While it is true that the
    majority of agencies providing this service need a serious integrity
    check, the method of patrol if applied correctly is proven to reduce
    crime in any given area.

    From a criminal's prospective, would you rather commit a crime
    where you know an officer will be on duty at 11pm and be on duty
    until 7am, or would you take your chances with an officer showing
    up, unannounced, unplanned, and out of any known routine?  
    This is the same reason why there is no Law Enforcement Officer's  
    placed at stationary locations. The city, or agency realize that
    Patrol is more cost effective, and due to the sporadic arrival of
    officers, in addition with the dispatch abilities of an officer the can
    reduce crime.

    Patrol affords the opportunity to:
  • Reduce crime in high crime areas
  • Maximize exposure while reducing client costs
  • Minimize stagnate time
  • Officers to be dispatched to calls
Patrol Services
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U.I. Report - Urban Intelligence Report

    Every interaction that a Patrol officer has with any person is
    documented, and transferred to the client in the Daily U.I. Report.
    Information will contain the following:
  1. Verification of Guest, Resident, Vendor
  2. Verification of authorization to enter property, or remain on
  3. Advising the individual of any property rules indicative of
    themWarrant / Capias / Writ check (via in car laptop or dispatt:17px;">

  4. Criminal History Check (via in car laptop or dispatch)
  5. Field Interview

    resources. Often times this All of this information is gathered in moments, by several of our
    information is given, and relayed back
    to the officer within the time frame of a simple conversation. This
    ensures that the guest does not feel hassled, and the client remains
    protected. This information remains confidential, and relayed to
    the client via the U.I. Report.